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When it comes to language variety, 50000 Words with Pictures is the obvious choice. We provide 62 mother tongues to help you learn any language quickly and easily.Download the 50000 Words with Pictures app and see how we make language learning fast and education accessible anywhere in the world.

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Lena Müller

“I’m multilingual and I use the app in 3 languages: Polish, Arabic and Norwegian, to stimulate the interest for language learning, of my also multilingual children 😊”

Carlos Sala Ballester

“50000 Words with Pictures is the best app to learn languages. It’s free, fun and has a game-based language learning approach. Download and start playing now!”

Alexander Mossala

“Explanatory, accessible, understandable and easy to remember. If you are not lazy, then it is the best option for learning languages /IMHO/”




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